Spain hosts the fifth project meeting of the STEAMing Ahead partnership

CETEM’s offices in Yecla (Spain) hosted last week the fifth meeting of the project, in which the results of the pilot phase of the lesson plan implemented in Portuguese, Italian and Turkish schools during the first months of this year were presented.

The partners have started working on the development of the last task of the project, which will be completed by February 2024. This result will serve to create material that reflects back on the work of the project with reporting, analysis and insight.

To that end, partners will present the following:

  • A detailed report on the implementation of the curriculum in the classroom applying cooperation, collaboration and peer learning.
  • A set of best practice guidelines appropriate for teachers to think about their own implementation of STEAM.
  • An academic book with a theme of the pedagogies that lie behind a STEAM approach to school education and what the future might bring and.
  • A set of public policy recommendations that education educational authorities can consider for adoption concerning the STEAM approach in European schools.

The document form of this result will also act as the spine for a virtual training seminar for all of the staff in each of the three schools.

The need for this result in the education communities is the current absence of practical, realistic options for the implementation of the STEAM approach in a form that is true to its theoretical intent. The lack of such guidance is an important absence that needs to be addressed.

After the meeting, the partnership visited the famous rock art of Mount Arabí, which treasures an important archaeological heritage and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, as a manifestation of rock art of the Mediterranean arc of the Iberian Peninsula.