STEAMing Ahead project travels to Turkey for its second transnational meeting

The Sincan Şehit Abdullah Büyüksoy Science and Arts Center in Ankara (Turkey) hosted last week the meeting of partners from Portugal, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

During this second meeting the partners had the opportunity to review in detail and evaluate the report made during the first months of work that collects the pedagogical strategy based on STEAM developed by the partners, which will soon be made public on the project website. 

In addition, the meeting was an opportunity for the partners to discuss the implementation of the next project activities. The second phase of the project includes the preparatory work for the implementation of the pedagogical methodology deployed by the partners during the first months. In this context, the process of designing lesson plans, elaborating didactic materials and developing evaluation tools will be carried out.  

To this end, the partners started preparing the lesson plan according to the STEAM educational approach on two topics determined for common practice: water saving and war.