The key role of teachers

In our world where change and development are inevitable, raising individuals who can catch this speed and perhaps add positive momentum to this speed is one of the primary goals of every society. The realization of this goal, in a sense, is to raise students, the founder of tomorrow, as individuals who question, research, design, solve problems and show their creativity.

Today, the STEAM approach is given great importance in terms of realizing these goals and research on the gains that can be obtained with the use of this approach are continued.The use of STEAM can create a learning environment that encourages exploration, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge.

This helps students acquire essential skills for their academic and real-world success, based on the national curriculum and the competencies profile of the students. It can also guide teachers’ pedagogical practices.

After reflecting on its use, some guiding principles for educational practices have been highlighted by the teachers involved. Watch the video to learn more about their experiences during the project.