STEAMing Ahead will develop a common reference to implement practical activities in the classroom that favor the achievement of key competences.

Strategies, Methodologies and Analysis

Its goal is to set out a methodological framework appropriate for curriculum development and the acquisition of educational resources to serve such a curriculum that can be applied in the three school Partners at a later stage.

Curricula, Resources and Assessments

Its goal is to develop a course curriculum that will apply strategies and methodologies from the first result, sourced online for use in the digital elements of the teaching, together with original audio-visual material created within the project.

Courses, Modules and Peer–Learning Activities

its goal is to establish a holistic cooperation for the implementation of the curriculum created in the project, with enabling activities, the application of e-Learning material, at least two artistic or cultural events in each school and piloting of key parts of the curriculum created.

Guidelines, Publications and Recommendations

Its goal is to create a detailed report on the implementation of the curriculum in the classroom applying cooperation, collaboration, and peer-learning, including also a set of best practice guidelines appropriate for teachers to think about their own implementation of STEAM

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