Partners travel to Portugal for the fourth meeting of the project

Make It Pedagogical’s headquarters in Maia, Portugal, hosted the fourth project meeting last week, where partners discussed the implementation of the tasks in the final phase of the project, which will end in February 2024. One of the main issues discussed was the development of the piloting phase of the lessons plan developed by the … Leer más

STEAMing Ahead helds its third project meeting in Italy

The STEAMing Ahead partnership travelled to Battipaglia (Italy) on February 16th and 17th to held its third transnational meeting, in which partners begun with the preparation of the curriculum approach for STEAM for 4th grade students. The first two topics prepared are about environmental sustainability and water preservation on the planet and about the war … Leer más

STEAMing Ahead project publishes its report on how to apply the golden ratio in STEAM teaching

The Partners in STEAMing Ahead partners strongly believe that STEAM-based activities similar to those we propose can support efforts at European, national, regional and local level to foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes in a lifelong learning perspective.  Their objective is to use a universal study-subject as a theme that has direct relevance … Leer más

STEAMing Ahead presents its first promotional video

The aim of this Erasmus+ project is to develop a comprehensive and detailed set of resources, strategies, and pedagogical methodologies for teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) using the golden ratio as a common reference to train European students to become the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century. By raising … Leer más

STEAMing Ahead teachers travel to Portugal for the first LTTA of the project

The Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra (ESEC) hosted in Portugal, between November 22nd and 24th, a meeting of the partners of the European project STEAMing Ahead: Moving the STEAM Approach forward through teacher-led cooperation, which includes higher education institutions, primary schools and science and art centers from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey and the UK. … Leer más